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Professor Feuillerat of the University of Rennes is a Frenchman who speaks excellently in English and is an authority on Shakespeare. Although his work will lie mainly with graduate students during his sojourn at the University, English 23 is open to undergraduates and the public. For anyone interested in Shakespeare or the French style of reasoning or both, this course will offer unusual opportunities.

Some may possibly think it strange that a Latin can be an authority on a poet so peculiarly. Anglo-Saxon as Shakespeare. These same people, however, take it for granted that men of northern descent are competent to treat the Romance literatures. Aside from the great Teutonic students of the classics, one can still find men like Lowell, Longfellow, or Grandgent, whose names are inseparably connected with so typical a national figure as Dante. And Dante's influence on his country has been as great or greater than that of Shakespeare on England. The fact is that the world of culture is bounded only by the limits of man himself. Furthermore, in the interpretation of literature the French have few equals. It has been aptly said that "the Germans classify, the French appreciate".

At the same time many may consider an attempt to cram all Shakespeare into a half course over-ambitious. For such devotees English 2 taken twice represents the logical dose. But the senior, with divisionals staring him in the face, who needs a co-ordination of work already done or a groundwork on which to do some hurried building, will especially appreciate this opportunity. To the freshman as well, the course will offer an opportunity for making wise provision against a rainy day. To him divisionals still seem a dim and distant horror, a cloud no bigger than a man's hand". But the storm comes on space and the death-bed absolution furnished at great cost by tutoring bureaus is apt to be a sorry affair.

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