Blue Makes Perfect Score of 40 to 15 Against 1927 Runners

The Freshman cross-country team met a very decisive defeat yesterday afternoon in Andover at the hands of the powerful Academy team. The first five men on each team to place were the only ones to count in the scoring, an so Andover had a perfect record when five of its entrants crossed the line before a single Crimson representative and finished. The first count was Andover 15, Freshmen 40.

Four Academy runners crossed the finish line together so causing a four cornered tie for first place. These four men, who had covered the whole of the 2 mile 615 yard course together, were Chute, Holmes, Hooper, and Look. The time, which was very fast for a schoolboy team over the distance, was 12 minutes 8 seconds. J. Smith of Andover and B. E. Swede '27 came down the home stretch together, and it looked for a time as though the schoolboys would not keep their slate clean. Smith, however, pulled ahead with a final spurt, and Swede had to be content with sixth place.

The order in which the Freshman squad finished follows: B. E. Swede, B. L. Jacobs, E. C. Haggerty, H. L. Smyth Jr., Edward Gordon, J. W. Teele, J. F. Davidson, and R. E. Pierce.