President Eliot Continues to Serve on Four Committees--Board for Alumni Relations Is Added

President Eliot, despite his many years, will continue to serve on four committees as last year, according to the recent announcement of committee appointments made by the Board of Overseers. The Board appointed 51 committees, of which many members are of national prominence, such as: Senator Henry Cabot Lodge '71, Bishop Charles H. Brent, Hon. '13, Theodore Roosevelt '09, Owen Wister '82, John Hays Hammond, J. Pierpont Morgan '89, Dwight F. Davis '00, Julian W. Mack, L. '87, and Eliot Wadsworth '98.

Inaugurate New Committee

Announced for the first time is the Committee on Alumni Relations, which has for its members, President Lowell, Supreme Court Justice Edward T. Sanford '85 of Knoxville, Tenn., president of the Alumni Association; Charles T. Greve '84, of Cincinnati, Ohio, President of the Associated Harvard Clubs; Edgar C. Felton '79, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Thomas W. Slocum '90, of New York City; William C. Boyden '86, of Chicago, and Langdon P. Marvin '98, of New York, vice-president of the Alumni Association and last year's president of the Associated Harvard Clubs, Chairman.


Roger Walcott '99, of Boston, becomes Chairman of the executive committee in place of Jerome D. Greene '96, of New York, whose term as overseer expired last June. The one new member of this committee is Henry James '99, of New York City, son of Harvard's great psychologist and teacher, Professor William James.

Dibblee Added to Elections Committee


Benjamin H. Dibblee '99 is the only new member of the committee of elections; Edwin F. Gay, president of the New York Evening Post, remains chairman.

The important committee on Harvard College of which Jerome D. Greene '96, was chairman last year, now has Henry James '99, of New York, at its head. Other new members are Eliot Wadsworth '98, Richard Derby '03, and Grenville Clark '03.

Other New Chairman Appointed

Other committee chairman appointed are: William C. Boyden '86, of Chicago, to the committee on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Thomas W. Slocum '90, of New York, to the University Press committee; Julian W. Mack '87, of Chicago, to the committee to visit the Law School; Francis R. Appleton '75, of New York, to committee on fine arts and the Fogg Art Museum; William S. Thayer '85, of Baltimore, to the committee on the Dental School; Samuel S. Drary '01 to the committee on the graduate school of Education; Roger Wolcott '99 to the executive committee; Rt. Rev. Charles H. Brent, Hon. '13, to committee on Indic Philology; B. Loring Young '07 to committee on Anthropology and Peabody Museum; and Mrs. Charles K. Cummings to committee on Kitchens and dining rooms.

Many Lead Several Boards

Others who are chairmen of two or more committees are Owen Wister '82 of Philadelphia; N. Penrose Hallowell '98 of Boston; Rev. Paul Revere Frothingham '86 of Boston; President Ira N. Hollis, Hon. '99, of Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Ellery Sedgwick '94 of Philadelphia; Charles A. Coolidge '81 of Boston, and Homer Gage '82 of Worcester.

Notable additions to the various committees include Guy Lowell '92, Boston architect Walter S. Gifford '05, of New York, vice-president of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Arthur W. Page and Company, John Hays Hammond, of Gloucester, Dwight F. Davis '00 assistant secretary of War. Dr. Morton Prince '75, of Boston, Henry S. Dennison '99, of Framingham, James J. Storrow '85, of Boston, George F. Baker Jr. '17, of New York, presidents K. C. M. Sills of Bowdoin, W. W. Comfort of Haverford, Lemuel H. Murlin of Boston University, William Allan Neilson of Smith, Nathan Matthews '75, former mayer of Boston, Rollo Ogden, editor of the New York Times, Frank H. Simonds '00, of Washington, Judge James M. Morton Jr. '91, of Fall River, A. Hamilton Rice '98, of Newport, R. L., Theodore Roosevelt '09, of New York and Frederick J. Stimson '76, recently ambassador to Argentina.