Rigging and Seating of Boat Has Been Changed--Kelley, Displaced by Coach, Will Row in 150-Pound Crew

Crew A of the University squad will be stroked this and next week by Coach Stevens, replacing S. B. Kelley '25 who has been stroking that boat. While he himself is rowing Coaches Fred Newell and Sam Shaw will be in the launch carrying out Steven's directions for the first three crews. Although there will be no regular regatta for these crews before they leave the water on a date depending wholly on the weather, but probably on or about November 8 frequent informal short sprints and takeoffs will be held during the next few weeks to give the men a chance to show their speed and endurance.

Stevens rows a starboard oar and hence a starboard rigged boat must be used, this shifts the numbers but not the relative positions of the men in Combination A. Captain Henry is now rowing number six, being a starboard oar, although he regularly rows in seat 7. Kelley is temporarily rowing at 3 in the first 150-pound boat Crew N.

Will Retain Four 150-pound Crews

Coach Newell and Captain H. K. Prince '24 of the 150-pound crews have decided to retain four crews of the seven that rowed in the regatta last week as the University 150-pound squad. They had previously intended to pick a squad of only three crews but a wealth of light material permitted them to include eight more oarsmen. Now the four boats are rowing on a par. The remaining three crews will continue to row as a second squad for nearly two weeks more

Over 40 men have signed up for the Sculling Regatta that begins tomorrow. The men in the singles and doubles races drew for boats at the Varsity Club last night.