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N. K. Fairbank '24, and Raoul Pantaleoni '24 were the Harvard representatives at the conference held in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently, when eighty-eight presidents, deans, and student representatives of New England colleges and schools assembled to discuss the work of the Student Friendship Fund in its relief of European student conditions.

The speakers, President Henry Noble MacCracken of Vassar College; and Mr. Graham R. Taylor of New York City both declared not only that a continuation of assistance from American colleges and schools is necessary if European education is to be saved from complete collapse, but also that the work of the Student Friendship Fund is contributing strongly to the development of a new spirit and a new morale in Europe, a democratic education has been made possible by the self-help activities instituted, the students have discarded their former unwillingness to work, and even professors may now be found engaging in heavy manual labor.

Meeting Pledges Help to Work

Following the discussion of conditions, the meeting unanimously passed the following resolution: "That we, as representatives of thirty-five colleges, schools and universities in New England pledge ourselves to go back to our institutions to present this situation as fairly and forcefully as possible, and to promote any movements which we can that will secure immediate relief for that situation".

It was further voted to appoint a committee under the chairmanship of Earl Marlatt, of 9 Willow Street, Boston, in order that full information on the situation and the work of the Student Friendship Fund should be disseminated, that speakers and publicity material should be made available in the most economical way, and that the full support of New England schools and colleges should be assured.

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