Team A Scores Three Goals Against Team B-Will Pick First String Men Today to Face North Eastern

The rope skipping fad which seized the University football squad several weeks ago, gripped the soccer squads today and for almost a quarter of an hour yesterday afternoon over fifty of Coach Nichols' men skipped around the soccer field.

Then both the University and Freshmen Squads settled down to business and for an hour both squads devoted themselves to intense scrimmaging.

In the University scrimmage a tentative team A kicked three goals through the B teams defense during the course of the afternoon, and so encouraged Coach Nichols with their brand of soccer that he ventured the prophecy that this year's team would prove "better than last year's" in its first game on Saturday with North Eastern College.

Although the first team line up will not be announced until today the folowing men yesterday constituted the A and B teams:

Team A.-John de Bruyn-Kops '26, g, H. P. Furber '25, r.f.b., J. J. Sullivan '25, l.f.b., C. R. Brooks '26. r.h.b., J. E. Purdy '25, c.h.b., W. T. Pattison '25, l.h.b., W. N. Tuttle '24, o.r., R. S. Wright '24, i.r., C. D. Dorman '25, c.f., J. C. Lamont '24, 1.1, Harry Eldridge '24, o.l.


Team B..-M. H. Elliott '26, g., G. S. Cook '25, r.f.b., H.L. Kohn '24, l.f.b., R. N. Benjamin '25, r.h.b., D. W. Brooks '25, c.h.b., A. Motholm '25, l.h.b., A. J. Bronstein '24, o.r., H. E. Kennard '25, i.r., H. McE. Gaston '24, c.f., C. B. Barnes Jr. '24, o.l., A. J. Bronstein '25, i.1.

Every man on the Freshman squad reported for practice yesterday and praticipated in the Freshman scrimmages. Tomorrow team A of the Freshmen will scrimmage the first University team.