Crosby, Hill, Howe, Kernan, Lee, Coburn and Jenkins on Sidelines--Zarakov, Lockhart, and Upton Score

Three times in 25 minutes the Freshman football team punctured the far famed goal line defense of the University team for touchdowns yesterday afternoon.

It would be unfair to call it Coach Fisher's first team. Three of the backfield men wore black jerseys and two of the line men were substitutes. There were more men from the regular first team on the sidelines with injuries than were in the line-up against the Freshmen. Among the regulars on the injured squad were Crosby, Hill, Howe, Kernan, Lee, Coburn and Jenkins. The ranks of the University substitutes were also depleted by injuries: Donovan, Adie, Lockwood, Hobson, Cordingly and Samborski were all missing in yesterday's scrimmage.

It is small wonder that with his squad so depleted Coach Fisher could not put up a stronger fight against the smashing Freshman attack yesterday.

Substitutes in Line-Up

The line-ups of the two teams at the start of the scrimmage were as follows:

On the University team Gordon and Combs substituted at the ends, Eastman and Evans were at tackles, Dunker and Hubbard were the guards while Greenough was in at center until he was supplanted by Macomber. In the backfield, McGlone at quarterback was teamed with three second team backs, Stevens, Bianchi, and Cramer.

For the Freshmen, Rudman and Robinson were the ends, Kilgour and Daley tackles, Sexton and Savory guards, and Bond center. The Freshman backfield which has, worked together all season was Zarakov, Miller, and Ellison, with Hamlen at quarterback.

University Team Kept on Defense

Throughout the scrimmage the University team was kept on the defense in its own territory.

The Freshmen were first given the ball on the University's thirty yard line. On the first play they ploughed through the University for three yards and on the second Zarakov got away for a 17 yard run. Then the Freshmen struck a snag. They fumbled, recovered, lost the ball on downs on the 10 yard line, and the ball went back to the 18 yard line.

Again the Freshmen rushed down the field, Zarakov and Miller taking turns for substantial gains. This time the Freshmen did not pause on reaching the 10 yard line, and Zarakov, tucking the ball under his arm, raced around end for the first touchdown.

Ball Given to Freshmen Again

The ball was taken out to the 10 yard line and given to the Freshmen again. The backs hammered through the line in short consistent gains. On the third down the ball was on the three yard line, and on the next down Lockhart, who had been sent in at halfback, carried the ball across for the second score. Lockhart is a new arrival to the Freshman ranks, having but recently been raised to the first Freshman squad from the Standish dormitory team.

The ball was given in the Freshmen on the 15 yard line and the University was given another chance to show a strong goal line defence. Again the Freshmen slashed through and Upton, another substitute, finally made the third touchdown.