The University cross-country team leaves the Varsity Club at 9 o'clock this morning to entrain for New Haven, where it will meet the Yale and Princeton harriers at 10 tomorrow morning in the annual triangular run. The Freshman team will leave at the same time, but will race with only the Eli first year men.

Since their encounter with M. I. T. two weeks ago the Crimson runners have progressed steadily in their training without any serious mishaps. Cobb pulled a tendon, but has completely recovered. Watters, whose ankle bothered him in the Tech meet, which was his first race of the year, has now worked up into prime condition. He is expected to be among the earliest in the finish tomorrow.

The University and Freshman teams will comprise ten men each, all of whom will be entered in the meet, although only the first five will count in the scoring. In addition the party will include Coaches Farrell and O'Connell, as well as Managers W. E. Collins '24, J. K. Collins '25 and S. L. Kelsey '27. The squad will walk over the courses this afternoon and will spend the night at Woodmount about five miles from New Haven.

Both the six mile University and the three mile Freshman courses, which start near the Bowl, are considered among the hilliest in this part of the country, with the possible exception of the one at Hanover. To this extent the University team will be handicapped, since the greater part of its training this fall has been carried on over the Charles River course. The New Haven lay-out is also about half a mile longer than that in Cambridge, although of the same length as the course at Belmont.

The races will be the last event of the season before the Intercollegiates in Van Cortland Park, New York City, on Monday November six. These races will definitely bring cross country work to a close, and track men will settle down to winter work.


The following men will comprise the University team:

Captain Coburn, Cutcheon, Kobes, Grossman, Watters, Harrison, Parker, Chapin, Cobb, and Ryan.

The Freshman outfit will consist of the following men:

Captain Swede, Shaw, Teele, Smyth, Davidson, Pierce, Jacobs, Gordon, Haggerty, and Slade.