Will no Longer Insist on Forty Percent Membership Rule for Organizations Wishing to Meet There

In order that the Union may be of more service to the University as a center of extra-curricula activities, the governing board of the Union yesterday announced that at a recent meeting it decided to annual certain rules which limited the use of the Union's rooms to societies of limited Union membership.

Hereafter, the rooms in the Union will be rented to all organizations connected with the University, provided that the functions of any such organization do not interfere with the Union's Club life. A second ruling states that whenever such functions are not in their nature essentially private, all members of the Union must be allowed to attend.

The governing board reserves to itself the final decisions concerning these functions, and reserves especially the right to pass on all lectures and their subjects.

The action taken by the boards is a policy which is expected to be a factor in making the Union a more important center of student activities. The actual details of the policy will be worked out as experience dictates.