R. S. Hubbard Chairman of Committee to Select Delegates to Convention of Student Volunteers

R. S. Hubbard '24 has been appointed by the Phillips Brooks House Association to the chairmanship of the committee which will soon select the 25 undergraduates who will attend the ninth International Convention of the Student Volunteers for Foreign Missions on next December 28 in Indianapolis.

Hubbard and the Brooks House authorities expect to appoint the 11 members of the committee before the end of the week, and the committee will probably have completed the University list of delegates to the convention by December 1.

The University delegation is not limited to the 25 undergraduates. There will be ten foreign students and several from the graduate schools.

The convention at Indianapolis has many aims but they may be summarized in "To realize the critical needs and the possibilities of the situation in the world today and to consider the responsibility of the Christian students of the United States and Canada in the light of this situation." More than 6000 delegates attended the convention last year.

Any student in the University who has interest in or sympathy for foreign missionary work is eligible to be appointed a delegate to the convention, but should register immediately at the Phillips Brooks House, paying the fee of $6. Each delegate must defray his expenses on the trip, which will amount to about $90. The association has made arrangements, however, to help those who cannot meet such an expense.