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Fifty-three men were on hand at the Union last night to greet Coach Winsor on the formal opening of the 1923-24 hockey season.

Captain Crosby opened the meeting; emphasizing the advantage of Yale and Princeton in the possession of private rinks, which gives them each year an opening date much earlier than that possible at the University, and more time for practice during the season. He pointed out, however, that the Crimson squad will be aided this year by the use of the Boston arena for two full afternoons each week.

Coach Winsor, in outlining the general policy to be followed this year, stressed accuracy of shooting as the most vital element in the work of a team. Taking as his slogan--"everybody a forward", he went on to say that there was no real defence but in attack, and that every man except the goal-guard should have scoring as his primary objective.

Many Veterans on Hand

With Owen, Larocque, and Bigelow the only losses from last year's group of letter men, the nucleus for this season's team is unusually strong. Hill, Walker, and Beals, all letter-men, are available for the forward line with prospects also in Hodder and Burgess, while on the defence Captain Crosby and Hammond will find ample competition in Chase, Martin, Gardner and Pratt. E. H. Bradford, goal for last year's Freshmen, is the logical choice for the cage position after the loss of Bigelow and Flint. Dole and Cummings are also prospects, and should Bradford find the artificial arena lighting too much for his eyes, they may be called upon for first-string service.

The first practice is scheduled for Friday, and since Yale and Princeton have both been on the ice for two weeks training is likely to be severe from the start.

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