Eastman, Kernan, and Cheek Credited With Unusual Performances--Paulsen Shows Way to Freshmen in Six Events

Due to several out-standing achievements, the field events are capturing the greater part of the interest on Soldiers Field this fall. Eastman, Paulsen, Kernan, and Cheek, have been doing especially well.

C. A. C. Eastman Occ, who last spring put the shot 46 ft. 8 1-2 inches, or only 1-2 inch under the Harvard record, is expected to improve his distance steadily, since last year was his first at the shot-put. It is a possibility that he will make the Olympic team; if he remains in College through the spring season under Coach Farrell's supervision, he will increase his chances almost to a certainty.

In the Javelin throw, F. K. Kernan '24 has thrown his spear for enough to have broken the Harvard record as it stood at this time last year. M. A. Cheek '26 is following him closely, and has been doing consistent work in his other events since he reported after the close of the football season.

By far the most prominent feature of the fall season, however, is the fact that C. I. Paulsen '27 leads all other Freshmen in six of the seven field events. In his first day this fall at the high jump he jumped 5 ft. 6 in; he throws the 35 pound weight 43 feet, 6 inches; puts the shot 39 feet; broad jumps 20 feet; and throws the discus 100 feet. He has reached only 10 feet in the pole vault this fall, though he had done 11 feet, 9 inches while still at school. In the seventh event, the javelin throw, he does not excel because he has never competed.

At the Hill School, where he prepared Paulsen added to his track and field accomplishments by playing football. He was all-interscholastic tackle for 1922.