Recipients of Five Harvard Club Scholarships Are Also Named--Two Go to First Year Men, 3 to Law Students

The Engineering School has announced the establishment in that department of the University of honorary scholarships without stipend which will correspond in general with the John Harvard and Harvard College scholarships founded in 1895 for students in the College.

The scholarships will be assigned to undergraduates whose rank entities them to very high academic distinction. The first one has been awarded this year to Percival Hall Jr., of Washington, D. C., a fourth year student.

Undergraduates of marked excellence who have not attained a position in the first group will be recognized in the awarding of the Abbott Lawrence scholarships. Four men have been honored this year: Robert Brandt 4E.S., of Jamaica Plain, Robert Douglas Donaldson, Jr., 3E.S. of Lincoln, Edmund Derby Haigier 2E.S. of Watertown, and Earl Pierce Nelson 5E.S. of Waterloo.

Among other scholarship awards announced at this time are five given by local Harvard alumni clubs, two to freshmen in the College, and three to first year students in the Harvard Law School.

The Harvard Club of Worcester has given two scholarships which have been won by George Haselton '27, of Worcester, a graduate of North High School in that city, and Alfred H. Miller, '27, of Dorchester, a graduate of Worcester Academy.

In the Law School group a San Francisco Harvard Club scholarship goes to G. H. Elmore of Stanford, Calif., a graduate of Leland Stanford University, a Cincinnati Harvard Club Scholarship to R. A. Huwe of that city and a graduate of St. Xavier College, and to W. C. Baxter, of Baltimore, a graduate of St. John's College, a Harvard Club of Maryland Scholarship.

A scholarship given by the Associated Harvard Clubs has been awarded to L. S. Searing, a first-year Law School student of Kansas City, Missouri, who is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

In the Law School also, the scholarship in memory of William Cheney Brown, Jr., of the Class of 1914, an officer in the World War who died while in service, has been won by R. C. Hoeben of Portland, Oregon, a graduate of the University of Oregon, now a first-year student in the school.

In the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Eliot Dole Hutchinson, of Nor-wood, a first-year student who graduated from Harvard College in 1922 and last year studied in Germany, has won this year one of the Ralph Sanger scholarships established in 1922.