The Junior class officers announced last night the personnel of the Junior Dance Committee and the Entertainment Committee. The former is headed by Willis Paine Beal of Boston and the latter by Edward George Lowry Jr. of Washington, D. C. Both committees will meet and start work very shortly. The dance will doubtless come shortly after the mid-year period, as it has in past years. The Entertainment Committee will arrange a smoker or a dinner, the date of which will probably be announced before the Christmas recess.

The Dance Committee

The Dance Committee was announced as follows: Chairman, Willis Paine Beal of Boston; Sub-Chairman, Joseph Humphrey Child of Westwood and Clark Hodder of Newton; George Wadsworth Burgess of Milton; Walter Leeds Chapin Jr. of St. Paul, Minnesota; Joe de Ganahi of White Plains, New York; Lewis Mills Gibb of New York City; Andrew Clarke Gunby of Sherman, Texas; Lloyd Onderdork Vernon Mann of Great Neck, L. I., New York; Charles Lawrences Peirson of Essex Falls, New Jersey; Boies Penrose 2d of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Otis Radcliffe Rice of Springfield; John Howland Ricketson 3d of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Eric Sandquist of Concord, New Hampshire; James Bogert Tailer Jr. of New York City; Lawrence Morris of New York City.

The Entertainment Committee

The following men were appointed to the Entertainment Committee: Chairman, Edward George Lowry Jr. of Washington; Sub-Chairmen, George Saltonstall Mumford Jr. of Chestnut Hill and Brooks Whitehouse of Portland, Maine; George Pierce Baker Jr. of Cambridge; Henry Morgan Bohlen of Ipswich; James Cowles Hart Bonbright of Rochester, New York; Walter Lincoln Boyden Jr. of Camridge; Joseph Kinney Collins of Dorchester; Byron Ritter Cutcheon of Long Branch, New Jersey; John Huston Finley Jr. of New York City; William Thomas Heagney of Worcester; George Reebie Johnson of Chicago, Illinois; Sylvester Baker Kelley of Reading; James Smiley Murphy Jr. of Brookline; Howard Parker Sharp of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.