Committee on Choice of Vocations Will Receive Answers From Seniors--Half of Men Entered Business Last Year

"Choosing a Career" will be the subject of President Lowell's speech at the Union at 7 o'clock tonight. This lecture, although primarily for Seniors, will be open to all who are interested, and will be the first of a series of lectures organized under the recently-formed Committee on the Choice of Vocations.

This Committee plans to continue the work of last year in having a number of lectures by prominent men on different Vocations. Last year five talks were given the speakers being Colonel W. J. Wilgus, Mr. E. F. Gay, Hon. '18, Professor Bliss Perry, Mr. James Bejoue '77, and President Lowell.

In connection with these speeches, personal conferences were held between the speakers and men who were interested in making definite plans for a career. This year, however, the Committee will arrange for meetings between graduates in important business or professional positions and undergraduates who have shown interest by their answers in the questionnaire.

The questionnaire, it was yesterday announced by the Secretary of the Committee, Mr. Delmar Leighton '19, should be in the hands of all Seniors by some time this morning. Last year this questionnaire, which is being sent out under the auspices of the Committee this year, was issued by the Dean's office which receives replies from 87 per cent of the men.

Of the men who answered last year, almost half chose a business of some sort, while 16 per cent chose law. On the other hand 9 per cent selected teach- ing as their profession as against only 7.7 per cent who had decided to take up medicine.

The fundamental purpose of the Committee, as announced at its dinner on December 7 th, is to offer undergraduates every opportunity to make an intelligent choice of a career, and every effort will be directed toward this end. It is hoped therefore, that the men to whom the questionnaires are sent, will reply in full, as the result will be used not only for stratistical purposes, but also to arrange conferences for undergraduates who are interested