Descendant of Mohammed Scores Western Ideal of Force--Teachings of His Ancestor Reversed by Syud Hossain

"Men like Lloyd George, Clemencean, and the Kaiser cannot get along without wars any more than a hen can get along without laying eggs," Syud Hossain, Indian journalist and descendant of the prophet Mohammed, told the Liberal Club yesterday in his speech on "Eastern and Western Ideals." "The war-maker cannot make peace."

"Force is the ideal of the West, whereas it is spurned in the East. Here it has been put upon a pedestal and made a God. The West has raised up a monster which has all but destroyed it. The best minds in the East have ever stood against this principle, trying like Ghandi to live as Christ did; while the best minds in the West endorse it."

Mr. Hossain attacked the value of force as a remedy for anything, thus reversing the teachings of his great ancestor. "What good did the slaughter of ten million youths do in the war?" he asked. "Once we admit the validity of force, we must have hatred, international exclusions, and quarrels, and we must be prepared for the perpetuation of these international hatreds."

The speaker closed with a plea for the revision of accepted ideals. He compared the beauty of the Eastern conception of happiness as a condition of the mind and of the soul with the Western ideal of happiness in external things. "It is the universal view of the West that Western civilization in superior to Eastern. Why cannot people consider the possibility of being mistaken in their attitudes and views, and begin to look at things in a fresh with an open mind for beauty, inspiration and joy?"