Col. Furlong Will Tell of Travel Through Chile to Terra del Fuego and the "Southernmost Town in the World"

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Wellington Furlong, noted explorer and author, will speak on Chile and exploring through Terra del Fuego at the Union on Tuesday, January 8.

Colonel Furlong will, with the aid of slides, describe his travels in Chile. He will show the picturesque coast towns, the city of Valparaiso, and fascinating Santiago; and tell of life on a Chilean farm.

Then he will take up the subject of his expedition to Terra del Fuego, the region of desolation, stormy channels, mountain barriers, great glaciers, verdant forests, Cape Horn, itself. The Colonel will describe his trip on an Argentine warship to Ushnaia, the lone Argentine Penal Colony, southernmost town in the world.

Colonel Furlong continued south to the Yuligan Indian Camp. He will tell of their "blood revenge" and other strange habits, and of his trip north to Terra del Fuego again, in an open boat with four Yaligans. While on this canoe trip they came across a tribe of the most primitive people in the world, still living in the stone age. Another strange tribe that Colonel Furlong tells of are the Ona Indians of Terra del Fuego. These Indians were driven from the open lands of the north by the white people. They have retreated, unconquered, to the impenetrable mountains and forests, and to the bog lands. He stayed alone with the Onas for some time, and explored their country, being the first American to do so.

Colonel Furlong last spoke at the Union on February 23, 1922.