Will Speak on "The Love of Christ" in Last Cambridge Appearance

Dr. Terrot Reaveley Glover, fellow and classical lecturer at Saint John's College, Cambridge, England, will give the last of the Dowse Institute lectures on "St. Paul" in the New Lecture Hall at 8 o'clock tonight. His subject will be "The Love of Christ." Dr. Glover's powers as a historian, his compendious knowledge of the early Christian Church, and the simplicity, force, and the quiet humor of his style have upheld in this series the high standard which the Dowse Institute lectures have maintained since their establishment in 1856.

The lecture this evening marks the last appearance of Dr. Glover in Cambridge. Audiences averaging more than three hundred people, drawn more form Cambridge than from the University, have been attending the series and have heard him discuss the early life, the conversion, the work and the character of St. Paul. In his treatment of the subject, Dr. Glover has taken throughout a strictly historical, and not a theological point of view.

Dr. Glover will conduct chapel on Sunday, leaving Cambridge shortly thereafter.