"Widow" Nolen's Lincoln Collection All That Remains of Valuable Antiques Which Once Filled Little Hall

Although practically all of the valuable books and antiques belonging to the late William Whiting Nolen '84, the "Widow" of Little Hall have been crated and shipped for auction, there is one looked room in Little Hall which has not been disturbed by the movers.

In this room is Mr. Nolen's famous "Lincolniana," an exhaustive collection of all relies which refer in any way to Abraham Lincoln. The collection was bequeathed to the College by Mr. Nolen at his death, and on December 26 will be transferred to the Widener Library, where it will be known as the "W. W. Nolen Collection."

The Lincolniana includes nearly everything connected with the life of Lincoln.

Three large bookcases contain every book, pamphlet, or address ever written by or about Lincoln. There is a group of miniature reproductions of all the famous statues of Lincoln. On the walls are hung bas reliefs of the former president, an old engraving which hung in the room in which he died, the program for Booth's performance in the Font threatre on the night that Lincoln was assassinated, and the flier issued by the war department offering a $200,000 reward for the capture of his murderer.

A large filing cabinet contains several volumes of autographs, and letters from Lincoln's correspondence. There are also collections of medals newspaper clippings, pictures, even of music relating to Lincoln. The collection is said to be the most complete of its kinds in existence and is valued at over $15,000.