Book of Show Is Joint Production of F. H. Nichols '24 and B. McK. Henry '24--F. T. Baldwin '24 Is Manager

"Take a Brace", is the name of the play which the Hasty Pudding Club has chosen for its annual theatricals, to be presented for the first time in Cambridge on April 11, Graduates' Night.

The book for the show was written jointly by Frederick Humphrey Nichols '24 of New York City and Barklie McKee Henry '24 of Rosemont, Pennsylvania. The play will be under the direction of Mr. Louis Silvers, who was last year's musical director.

The first open performance of the show will be held in Cambridge on April 12, in the Hasty Pudding Club House, and on the following night the play will be repeated. During the spring vacation it has been planned to stage the show in Baltimore, April 16, Washington, April 17, and New York, April 19 and 20.

For three successive nights, April 25, 26, and 27, the show will ran in a Boston theatre, and with these performances it will complete its schedule.

The usual competition for those who wish to try for the poster-design will start today and will continue for a period of two weeks, the designer of the successful poster to be elected to the Club.


F. T. Baldwin '24, manager of the 1923 show, is in charge of the various competitions, and will explain the details of the work.