Captain Owen, Coach Slattery, and Dr. Parmenter Will Address Players--Conlon to Receive Wendell Bats

Two major sports, crew and baseball, will open their seasons today with meetings of their respective candidates.

The program for the opening week of the crew season will begin at 4 o'clock with a meeting of a selected University squad in Newell Boat House. These men, who will make up a temporary University squad, will be addressed by Coach F. J. Muller, who will outline the general plans for the coming season, and will explain in detail the work for the next few weeks. Rowing on the machines will start at this time and will continue daily.

The candidates for the class crews will be called out on Wednesday, February 14, at 5 o'clock in Newell Boat House. Rowing in crews will start on Monday, February 19.

The Freshman managership competition will start today with a meeting in Grays 26 at 1.05 o'clock. Both the manager and the assistant manager will receive the regular Freshman crew numerals.

Baseball Players to Meet Tonight


Candidates for the University nine will meet at 7 o'clock at the Varsity Club. The meeting will be addressed by Captain George Owen Jr. '23 and Coach J. T. Slattery, who will outline the plans for the season's work, and by Dr. D. C. Parmenter '13, in charge of the conditioning of all the University teams.

At this meeting A. J. Conlon '23, captain of last year's team, will be presented with two Barrett Wendell Jr. trophy bats by Dr. Channing Frothingham '02.

Practice will start for battery candidates at Soldiers Field tomorrow, but the candidates for other positions will not be asked to report until February 26.

The competition for the position of second assistant manager of the University team will begin today at 10 o'clock with a meeting in the H. A. A. This competition, which will last approximately nine weeks, is open only to members of the Sophomore class, the successful candidate to accompany the team on its Southern trip.