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It is very comforting, in an age of yellow journalism, to know that at least one paper in Boston is still able to see the truth and to speak it. The Boston Evening Telegram, in its leading editorial on Saturday, revealed in graphic terms the rotten depths to which Harvard humorists have descended. With the Lampoon's "Town and Country Number" as their text, the editors have exposed once and for all the foulness that has been masquerading in these innocent-appearing pages. It is almost inconceivable that respectable college men should be willing to debase themselves, in the words of the Telegram, to such a "course of racial hatred, religious intolerance and plain, ordinary ignorance, insolence, arrogance, and impudence" as this magazine displays.

The editors of the Telegram, being earnest, sober-minded men, have not been fooled by the fact that the Lampoon in question is a parody. That, of course, makes no difference in the aim of its humor. Similarly, the humor itself is not the extent of its transgressions. The advertising, too, reeks with the malicious and depraved spirit of the Lampoon Board. From the advertisement of the Prudential Insurance Company, the obnoxious phrase "The trouble with the Fifth Chapter of Genesis" is held up as "other proof that the asses who bray throughout its pages are particularly concerned in ridiculing what other men respect."

The Telegram has at last dared to say openly what the few self-respecting students in the University have been whispering for some time. The Telegram has undertaken a great moral crusade: under its scathing fire the corruption rampant among University jokesters will quickly wither. The People of the Commonwealth, awakened through the pages of the Telegram, will no longer permit Harvard to live "only to give opportunity to the feeble-minded" to mock at all that the Commonwealth and the Telegram--holds most sacred.

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