Two Goals Late in Final Period Bring Defeat to Unbeaten Crimson Hockey Team--Brilliant Stops by Bradford Keep Score Down to 3-1

A goal on a long shot by Cutler in the third period, followed by another by Captain Potts, broke a tie and gave the Yale Freshman hockey team a victory over the University Freshmen in a game at the New Haven Arena Saturday afternoon.

In the first period the Yale Freshmen frequently managed to break up the Crimson passing and drove many hard shots at the Crimson net, but Bradford kept these from becoming scores by a series of brilliant stops. Finally, however, Cole, playing right defense for the Blue, took the puck away from a Crimson player and skated up the ice alone. He went far to the right of the net, thereby drawing out Bradford, and then shot the puck inside.

In the second period Howe, at left wing for the Crimson, and Martin, playing at right defense, began to force the attack. Early in the period, Moseley, substituting for Captain Harding, evened the score when he drove the puck in from a scrimmage.

The summary: HARVARD 1926  YALE 1926 Howe, Parish, l.w.  r.w., Cutler, Goss Harding, Moseley, c.  c., Ferguson, Gillespie Henderson, Moseley, r.w.  l.w., Cottle, Laughlin Pratt, Debevoise, Nash, l.d.  r.d., Cole Martin, r.d.  l.d., Potts Bradford, La Farge, g.  g., Ives

Score, Yale 1926, 3; Harvard 1926, 1. Goals, Cole, Cutler, Potts, Moseley. Referees, Noland, Sands. Time, three 15-minute periods.