Coach Martin yesterday evening decided upon the personnel of both University and Freshman relay teams in the triangular track meet with Dartmouth and Cornell on Saturday. The 390-yard University quartet is composed of the same men who were so successful last Saturday: J. S. Murphy Jr. '25, Vinton Chapin '23, J. E. Merrill '24, and Captain J. W. Burke '23, while the Freshmen will run in the following order: J. C. McGlone, W. R. Chase, F. P. Kane, and R. G. Allen.

News from Hanover indicates that Blake, Bates, and Foster, the latter a veteran and anchor man, will be sure of berths on the Green quartet, and the other man will be either Buttes or Hill. Coykendall is slated to be Cornell's anchor.

R. L. Hyatt '24, veteran high jumper, will be unable to compete for the Crimson for the rest of the winter due to an injured back.

The entries in the track and weight events of the Triangular Meet are as follows:

40-Yard Dash,--Vinton Chapin '23, J. S. Clark '23, R. D. Howard '24, Percy Jenkins '24, J. S. Murphy '24, S. B. Robinson '23, Robert Worthington '23.

45-Yard Hurdles,--S. M. Clarke 2E.S., Jefferson Fletcher '25, C. R. Hauers '23, W. B. Thomas '25, A. M. Terhund '23.

300-Yard Run,--Vinton Chapin '23, A. H. Gordon '23, R. D. Howard '24, T. R. Hull '25, Percy Jenkins '24, J. E. Merrill '24, J. S. Murphy '25.

600-Yard Run,--J. W. Burke '23, A. H. Gordon '23, Percy Jenkins '24, J. E. Merrill '24, D. H. Mooney 2E.S., Campbell Newhall '24, J. W. Quinn '23.

390-Yard Relay,--J. W. Burke '23, Vinton Chapin '23, A. H. Gordon '23, R. D. Howard '24, T. R. Hull '25, Percy Jenkins '24, J. E. Merrill '24, J. S. Murphy '25, Robert Worthington '23.

1000-Yard Run,--J. W. Burke '23, W. L. Chapin '23, A. H. Gordon '23, J. U. Harris '24, Campbell Newhall '24, J. W. Quinn '23, J. H. Sherburne '24.

Mile Run,--J. W. Burke '23, W. L. Chapin '25, J. U. Harris '24, E. G. Lund '23, D. S. Muzzey '23, Campbell Newhall '24, R. L. Pratt '23, J. H. Sherburne '24.

Two-Mile Run,--W. L. Chapin '25, A. L. Coburn '24, E. G. Lund '23, R. A. Lutz '24, Campbell Newhall '24, H. L. Pratt '26.

Freshman 40-Yard Dash. W. R. Chase, J. H. Broome, J. E. Bohmrich, J. C. McGlone, Sidney Gollobin.

Freshman Relay,--R. G. Allen, F. P. Kane, J. C. McGlone, J. H. Broome, W. R. Chase, J. E. Bohmrich.

35-Pound Weight, S. B. Andrew '23, H. R. Bright '24, B. S. Cogan '23, L. K. Marshall E.S., W. N. Snow '25, Brooks Stevens '25, P. H. Theopold '25.

Shot Put, F. G. Cleveland '25, H. T. Dunker '25, C. A. C. Eastman '24, R. H. Hallowell '25, R. D. Gross '23.