Only Two of 20 Dances Will be Waltzes--Committee Forbids Cutting-In Save During Encores--Meeting of Box Chairman Tomorrow Evening

Complete plans for the music of the Junior Dance, which is to be held in Memorial Hall on the evening of Friday, March 9, were announced last evening by the Junior Dance committee. Bert Lowe's 25-piece orchestra has been engaged to play from 9.30 until 4 o'clock with a 45-minute intermission for supper at half past twelve. Ten numbers will be played before this, all of which will be fox trots with the exception of one waltz, while the same arrangement will be carried out after supper.

To avoid confusion and to keep the dances up to schedule a bell will be rung at the beginning of each dance. Cutting-in will be permissible only during the encores. The complete musical program follows:

1. Stairway to Paradise

2. Jennie.

3. Rosalie.


4. Pack Up Your Sins.

5. Dearest.

6. Ta Banche (waltz).

7. I Still Can Dream.

8. When Hearts Are Young.

9. Chicago.

10. Ida.

11. Love and the Moon.

12. Carolina in the Morning.

13. Crinoline Days.