Lose to Providence Team 19-6--Captain H. J. Freedman '23 and W. C. Westhaver '24 Only Point-Winners for Crimson--Most Matches Close

The Brown wrestling team closed its season with a clean record when it defeated the University team by the score of 19-6 at Providence Saturday evening. Although the University wrestlers were decisively defeated on a point basis the matches were, for the most part, closely contested. Captain H. J. Freedman '23 and W. C. Westhaver '24 were the only men to score points for the Crimson, each winning his match by the referee's decision.

The 158-pound, and the 175-pound bouts were especially hard-fought, overtime periods being necessary to decide the winners. Captain Dustin of Brown threw Curtis Nelson '24 in the 145-pound class with a crossbar hold, while in the unlimited class a half nelson and crossbar was used effectively on H. B. Wagner '23.

The University team will journey to New Haven next Saturday where it will meet the Yale matmen in the last match before the New England intercollegiate meet at M. I. T.

The summary:

115-Pound Class.--W. C. Westhaver '24 defeated Jones (B) by decision. Time advantage, 8m. 11s.


125-Pound Class.--Brightman (B) defeated L. B. Smith '25 by decision. Time advantage, 5m. 42s.

135-Pound Class.--Captain H. J. Freedman '23 defeated Dickinson (B) by decision. Time advantage, 4m. 28s.

145-Pound Class.--Captain Dustin (B) defeated Curtis Nelson '24 by fall. Time, 7m. 19s.

158-Pound Class.--Smith (B) defeated D. W. Evans 2E.S. by decision (one overtime period). Time advantage, 1m. 26s.

175-Pound Class.--Armstrong (B) defeated R. LeB. Daggett '23 by decision (one overtime period). Time advantage, 1m. 22s.

Unlimited Class.--Sayward (B) defeated H. B. Wagner '23 by fall. Time, 6m. 47s.

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