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Community Book Shop has for sale at unusually low prices many books of more than passing interest in History. Here is a chance to gain that extra knowledge for your theme, your examination, or your personal satisfaction.

Is offered "The Middle Group of American Historians", by James Spencer Bassett. The author, the publisher, the price will surely commend this book to your notice. Published by Macmillan at $3.25, Community Book Shop is pleased to present it for $1.40.

"Privates and Privateering", by Commander E. P. Statham, R.N. Here, lovers of the wild, the weird and the wooly, is something worth reading. James Pott of London published this book at $2.50. Community Book Shop offers it for $1.20.

Does "A Short History of English Liberalism" interest you? A book of this title, written by W. Lyon Blease (somewhat reminds one of a "Bob" Benchley name) and published by G. P. Putnam's Sons at $3.50 may be found at this shop for $1.70.

Professor Tenney Frank's great book, "Roman Imperialism", which was published by Macmillan for $2.50 we offer for $1.20.

Some time ago E. P. Dutton & Co., published "An Introductory History of England from the Earliest Times to the Close of the Middle Ages", by C. R. L. Fletcher for $2.50. This outstanding work may be had at this shop for $1.15.

Goldwin Smith's "The United Kingdom", a political history, was published by Macmillan at $2.50 is offered during this sale for $1.20. There are two full sized volumes bound in one in this book, constituting a rare buy.

Do you suppose you could find that happy phrase which would put across your history paper in "The Rise of the Republic of the United States", by Richard Frothingham? The book may be found in this shop at $1.20. The original price was $2.50.

You who like to dig into stories of work and exploration, come in and see "The Congo and the Founding of Its Free State", by Henry M. Stanley! The work is in two volumes, was published Harper & Bros. for $7.50, but may now be had for $2.40.

It is gratifying to be able to secure good, substantial books at reasonable prices. Why not amble down Boylston street and look these offerings over? It may prove something!

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