Makes Clean Sweep in Two Events--Success Due to Well Balanced Team Rather Than to Any Individual Stars

Yesterday afternoon in Hemenway gymnasium, the University gymnasts were defeated by the strong Princeton team, 38-7. Princeton made a clean sweep in both the horizontal baar and tumbling events, winning four first places and tying for the fifth one. The Princeton team was remarkably well balanced and owed its superiority to no individual star, none of the team contributing more than five points to the total score.

Captain Sheldon of Princeton, who is intercollegiate champion on the horse, showed fine form in winning that event yesterday. His performance was undoubtedly the feature of the meet. H. A. Wood Jr. '24, the University captain, had a bad fall in the first event, and, although he continued to compete was not up to his usual standard. The Crimson team was slightly handicapped by the absence of M. H. Parsonnet '25, who has done some excellent tumbling this year.

The summary:

Horizontal Bar.--Won by Ewing (P); second, Spalding (P); third, Depue (P).

Flying Rings.--Won by Luquer (P); second, Depue (P); third, A. W. Dole '24 (H).


Parallel Bars.--Tie for first place between J. R. Weist '24 (H) and Van Cleve (P); third, H. A. Wood Jr. '24 (H).

Horse.--Won by Sheldon (P); second Holmes (P); third, H. A. Wood Jr. '24 (H).

Tumbling.--Won by Crouse (P); second, Parker (P); third, Clark (P).