In a fast game with the scores twice tied, once in each half, the Crimson defeated the St. Francis quintet by the score of 35-23 yesterday afternoon. The University took the lead at the opening of the game and ended the first half leading with a four point margin.

Miller opened the scoring for the Crimson with a goal from the field, and the University had six points to its credit before Captain Twohy of St. Francis was able to shoot a basket while unprotected. The two teams were not very successful in their shots during the first half, and after some fast work on the floor and a few baskets, Wallace, who ha been substituted for Moran, shot a goal and tied the score 10-10. It was anybody's half, but a free throw and two goals, the latter by Gordon, gave the University the lead and the half ended 15-11.

Use New Combination

Early in the second half the new combination which had been used with success against the Freshmen a few days ago was tried. Gordon went to center and Lowenthal entered the game as forward with McLeish as his partner. Although later in the half McLeish went out of the game, and Gordon and Miller went back to right forward and center respectively the combination worked well and may possibly be employed in the Yale game.

St. Francis again tied the score early in the second half, 16-16, and again the Crimson took the lead by a free throw. Another free throw and a basket by Gordon brought th score up to 20-16. St. Francis was dangerously active, but after a dribble the length of the court, a short pass, and a goal by Miller, the Crimson began to draw ahead. The game ended with the score 35-23 in favor of the University.--


Samborski Leads Scoring From Floor

Samborski led the scoring from the floor with four field goals, while Captain Gordon and McLeish both counted heavily. Gordon getting three field goals and six free throws, and McLeish one goal and nine out of a possible 11 free throws. Keating was the outstanding player of the St. Francis team.

The summary: HARVARD  ST. FRANCIS McLeish, Gordon, r.f.  l.g., Twohy, capt. Gordon, Lowenthal, l.f.  r.g., Morgan Miller, Gordon, Miller, c.  c., Lynch Black, r.g.  l.f., Keating Samborski, l.g.  r.f., Moran, Wallace

Score, Harvard 35, St. Francis 23. Goals from floor, Samborski 4, Gordon 3, Miller 2, McLeish, Twohy 2, Lynch 2, Keating 2, Moran, Wallace. Goals from fouls, McLeish 9, Gordon 6, Twohy 7, Referee, McGuiness. Time of halves, 20 minutes.