Yale Freshman Wrestlers Break Record of Crimson Team

The Yale Freshman wrestlers completed their season without a defeat by taking the match with the University Freshmen last Saturday afternoon 21-8. The only two bouts won by the hitherto undefeated University Freshmen were in the unlimited class, in which Bradford threw Stevens, and in the 125-pound class in which Captain Stearns obtained a decision over Saranoff, with a time advantage of 8 minutes, 19 seconds.

The hardest match of the meet was that between Hayne of the Freshmen and McCoy of Yale. It was not until after 2 minutes and 38 seconds of the second overtime period that McCoy won by a fall. Three of Yale's contests were won by falls.

The summary:

115-lb. Class.--Eustis (Y) defeated B. J. Goldberg by decision. Time advantage, 6m., 49s.

125-lb. Class.--Carl Stearns defeated Saranoff (Y) by decision. Time advantage, 8m., 19s.

135-lb. Class.--Capra (Y) defeated Leo Schwarz by fall. Time. 4m., 57s.

145-lb. Class.--Russell (Y) defeated F. D. Hill by fall. Time. 4m.

158-lb. Class.--Schwab (Y) defeated C. R. Brooks by decision. Time advantage, 5m.

175-lb. Class.--McCoy (Y) defeated F. B. Hayne by fall. Time. 2m., 38s, of second overtime period.

Unlimited Class.--C. R. Bradford defeated Stevens (Y) by fall. Time, 1m., 42s. of second overtime period.