Twenty-one bouts will be held in the Hemenway gymnasium at 4 o'clock this afternoon in the preliminary rounds of the annual University boxing tournament. The remaining rounds of the tournament will be held on Wednesday evening. In all there are 44 entries in the tournament. Three will be no preliminaries in the 125-pound, 175-pound, or heavy-weight classes but due to the large number of entries in the other four classes, the preliminaries will consist of seven first-round and 14 second-round bouts.

A limited number of tickets at $1.00 are on sale at Leavitt and Peirce's and the H. A. A. for the finals on Wednesday evening, but attendance at today's matches is open free of charge to members of the University.

All contestants must have passed a physical examination by Dr. D. C. Parmenter '13 before 4 o'clock this afternoon in order to compete either today or Wednesday.

The drawings for today's bouts follow:

First Round

135-Pound Class. H. L. Kelsey 1E.S., vs. G. A. McNulty 1L., W. H. Lewis 1M. vs. Seymour Blaumer '26.

145-Pound Class.--G. E. W. Davis 1G.B. vs. G. A. McNulty 1L., A. D. Hoffman '25 vs. J. B. Bryan 4E.S., H. S. Gardner '25 vs. Seymour Blaumer '26.

158-Pound Class.--William Brown 4E.S. vs. H. H. Save '26, Otis Barton 2G.B. vs. D. S. Muzzey Jr. '23.

Second Round

115-Pound Class.--S. F. Blair '26 vs. George McGovern '26, H. H. Sisson '26 vs. A. W. Lewin '24.

135-Pound Class.--H. J. Freedman '23 vs. L. J. Moore Sp., C. G. Page 1L. vs. A. B. Ansbacher '24, W. F. Sawyer 1E.S. vs. Alexander Ulin '23, winner of Kelsey-McNulty vs. winner of Lewis-Blaumer.

145-Pound Class.--C. G. Page 1L. vs. L. W. Schwartz '26, E. R. Swanton '26 vs. G. M. Ferguson '26, winner of Davis-McNulty vs. winner of Hoffman-Bryan, winner of Gardner-Blaumer vs. H. J. Freedman '23.

158-Pound Class. R. LeB. Daggett '23 vs. E. S. Swanton '25, H. L. Hartley '23 vs. J. A. Emmert 3L., A. D. Hoffman '25 vs. L. A. Andrews '26, winner of Brown-Save vs. winner of Barton-Muzzey.