Affirmative Team Will Take Trip to Princeton While Negative Meets Yale in Sanders Theatre

The two debating teams that will meet Yale and Princeton in the triangular debate on next Friday have been selected. The negative team that will meet Yale will debate in Sanders Theatre while the affirmative team will journey to Princeton.

The team that will uphold the negative side of the question will be composed of N. E. Himes '23, P. W. Williams '25 and E. A. Smith '25. Himes was a member of last year's team that debated Princeton while Williams was an alternate on the same team.

The affirmative team that will meet Princeton consists of R. S. Bowers '24, R. S. Fanning '23, and Philip Walker '25. Bowers and Fanning were both members of the team that defeated Oxford in Symphony Hall last fall. The teams will have for their alternates Morton Arnold '25, C. A. Zinn '25, and John von Sneidom '26.

Yale Selects Subject

The subject of the debates will be, "Resolved: That the policy of the present Administration toward European affairs deserves the support and approval of this house". According to the triangular agreement, the subject of this year's debate was selected by Yale and worded by Princeton. In accordance with the policy recently adopted by the Harvard Debating Council, the University debaters will speak on the side of their conviction.

The University squad has been practicing daily under the direction of Mr. C. H. Whelden 2G., while Mr. F. C. Packard Jr. '20, instructor in public speaking, is drilling the men in platform presence. Ex-Mayor A. J. Peters '95 of Boston will preside over the debate in Sanders Theatre. Tickets may be obtained at Leavitt and Peirce's or at the Cooperative Society. Seats on the floor will be sold for $1 each while balcony tickets will be sold for 50 cents.

The two University teams will be selected from the following men: Morton Arnold '25, R. S. Bowers '24, R. S. Fanning '22, M. E. Hines '23, John von Sneldem '26, A. E. Smith '25, S. L. Tait '23, Philip Walker '25, P. W. Williams '25, and C. A. Zinn '25.