As a result of the preliminaries of the New England Wrestling Intercollegiates held yesterday afternoon at M. I. T., the University will have six entries in the seven matches in the finals that will be held in the new Technology gymnasium at 8 o'clock tonight.

The University drew byes in the 115-pound class, the 125-pound class and the 175-pound class, and since Captain H. J. Freedman '23 in the 135-pound class, George Karelitz '24 in the 145-pound class, and T. W. Hoag '25 in the unlimited class all won their preliminary events, the University will have a better chance than any of the other colleges of winning the New England wrestling championship.

Captain Freedman won the first match that the Crimson participated in by defeating Henretta of Dartmouth in a closely contested struggle, in which a six-minute overtime period was necessary to enable Freedman to obtain a time advantage of slightly under two minutes. In the 145-pound class George Karelitz '24 defeated Pike of Technology by referee's decision after keeping the advantage throughout the bout.

Bauman Gains Decision

In the next bout Bauman of Dartmouth gained a referee's decision over D. W. Evans 2E.S. Bauman obtained a body hold from which Evans was unable to extricate himself until the close of the bout and so was unable to overcome the advantage Bauman had obtained earlier in the bout.

T. W. Hoag '25 obtained the only point toward the final team score when he threw Greer of Technology for a fall by the use of a head hold and body roll. Hoag has a very good chance of defeating Oberlander in the finals tonight if he wrestles in as good form as he did yesterday afternoon.

The fastest and hardest bout of the afternoon was between Saywood of Brown and Oberlander of Dartmouth. At the end of the nine-minute period, there was only a difference in time advantage of eight seconds in favor of Saywood and so the first six-minute overtime period was necessary. In this period the men kept on the mat but still one was not able to hold an advantage for any length of time. In the next and final overtime period Saywood was unable to keep up the fast pace of the bout and Oberlander succeeded in winning the gruelling bout with a three-minute time advantage.

Brown Secures Two Falls

As Brown secured two falls in the preliminaries. Technology one, while Dartmouth failed to secure any, the team scores now stand Brown 2, Harvard 1, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1, and Dartmouth 0. In the final matches this afternoon, four points will be given for each fall and two points for each decision obtained.

The line-up for the final matches that will take place tonight is as follows:

115-Pound Class.--Milton Krook '25 vs. Bruner (T).

125-Pound Class.--L. B. Smith '25 vs. Brightman (B). 135-Pound Class.--H. J. Freedman '23 vs. Dickinson (B).

145-Pound Class.--George Karelitz '24 vs. Captain Dustin (B).

158-Pound Class.--Bauman (D) vs. Hereford (T).

175-Pound Class.--W. G. Cole '24 vs. Spellman (B).

Unlimited Class.--T. W. Hoag '25 vs. Oberlander (D)