Assistant Managers of Major Sports Lead--Crew Squad Ahead in Major Athletics--Baseball Squad Rates Lowest

Many interesting facts are revealed in the statistics just compiled by the H. A. A. on the marks obtained at the mid-year grades by men engaged in the various sports at the University excluding Freshmen. The outstanding feature of the compilations is the very high average attained by such men. Some of the points of special interest are that the managers of major sports and the "H" men in college lead the list and that the minor sport managers come fourth, being preceded by the crew squad, which has gained an average higher than that of any other major sport.

The figures show several very prominent individual records. C. J. Hubbard 3E.S., captain elect of the football team, who is now rowing on the first University crew, received 4 A's and 1 B, as did R. L. Hyatt '24, a high jumper on the track squad. Raoul Pantaleoni '24, the assistant manager of baseball, leads all the managers with 3 grades of A and 2 of B.

The compilations were taken on the basis of the marks which the various squads and manager groups received according to the following system: One point was counted for each A, 2 for each B, and so on up to 5 for each E in the squad's total. The number of points obtained in this way was divided by the number of courses which the group was carrying, to find the average rating.

The five assistant managers of major sports, that is the men who will be managers next year, lead the entire field. These men received 4 A's, 8 B's, 9 C's, and 3 D's, their average being 2.46, or well up toward B. Taking all the managers of major sports, a group of 15 men, the record showed 6 A's, 17 B's, 37 C's, 8 D's, and 4E making a point average of 2.73.

"H" Men Have Average of 2.82

In computing the standing of the next group, the "H" men in college, the marks of each man were counted a number of times equal to the number of major sports in which the man was entitled to wear a letter. In this way a total of 64 was accumulated, the grades being 16 A's, 51 B's, 139 C's, 37 D's, and 2 E's, making an average standing of 2.82.

The crew squad, with a total of 52 men gathered 17 A's, 53 B's, 114 C's, 30 D's, and 4 E's for an average of 2.90, which placed it next in the ranking and above all other major sport squads.

A group of 14 managers of minor sports had 2 grades of A, 14 of B, 34 of C, 12 of D, and 1 of E. Their average was 2.94, just .04 less than that of the football squad which, with 34 men, accumulated 7 A's, 20 B's, 80 C's, 24 D's, and 4 E's.

With an average of 3.00, or exactly C, the hockey and track squads were tied in their standing. The former group, numbering 18, received 3 A's, 15 B's, 46 C's, 19 D's, and 3 E's, while the latter group of 73, numerically the largest, was given 18 grades of A, 77 of B, 154 of C, 53 of D, and 16 of E.

At the foot of the list with an average of less than C was the baseball squad composed of 39 members. Its average was 3.16 as a result of receiving 2 A's, 24 B's, 80 C's, 32 D's, and 10 E's.