Candidates for University and Freshmen Squads Will Meet on Friday--Actual Work to Begin Monday

On Friday evening at 7.30 o'clock the spring track season will open at the University when all men interested in track work will meet at the Varsity Club. Mr. W. A. Barron '14, who for three years ran on the Crimson track team, was captain in his Senior year, and is now chairman of the track advisory committee, will preside at the meeting.

Mr. W. J. Bingham '16, former track coach, will tell about his recent trip to Europe. While in England Mr. Bingham made arrangements for the international track meet, which will be held in England this summer between a team representing Oxford and Cambridge and a visiting team chosen from the squads of Harvard and Yale.

Coach Martin will explain the plans which he has been developing for the spring season and Captain J. W. Burke '23, who has been doing some excellent running in the middle distances this winter, will also speak to the candidates.

Actual work for both the University and Freshman squads will begin on Monday, when the men will report at Soldiers Field. The squad will soon be divided into two teams which will have informal meetings about every two weeks. The first outside event now scheduled is the Pennsylvania relay meet, in which a squad of University track men will compete on April 27 and 28.

Thursday afternoon at 1.05 o'clock, the competition for the second assistant manager of the track team, open only to Sophomores, will begin with a meeting for all candidates at the H. A. A.