President and Fellows of College Also Accept Resignation

At the last meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College, the following appointments were made:

For one year from September 1, 1922.--Lawrence Litchfield Jr. 4E.S., assistant in Geography.

For the second half of the academic year 1922-23.--Cecil Calvert Bean, G. '16, assistant in English; Charles Arthur Glover, assistant in Economics; Henry Jackson Jr. '15, assistant in Chemistry; Nathaniel Cooper Kendrick, assistant in History; Warner Grenelle Rice, assistant in English; Charles Simpson Woodall, assistant in Chemistry.

For one year from September 1, 1923.--George Washington Cram '88, secretary of the Faculty of the Engineering School.

The following change in title of the appointment was made.--Charles Augustus Weymuller from assistant in Pediatrics to alumni assistant in Pediatrics.

The resignation of Chester Alden McLain '13, assistant professor of Law, was accepted to take effect September 1, 1923.