Stress Necessity of Cooperation and Increased Number of Candidates--Yale Meet Comes June 16

More than 200 men attended the meeting in the Varsity Club last night which officially opened the University track season. Actual work will begin Monday when all candidates for the teams, both University and Freshman, will report at Soldiers Field where Coach Martin will tell the squad his training rules and put it through its first practice. Men who did not attend last night's meeting but who wish to try for the team, will be under no disadvantage if they come out Monday.

Mr. W. A. Barron '14, who is chairman of the track advisory committee, presided at the meeting last night. In introducing Captain J. W. Burke '23, who spoke first, Mr. Barron told of the trying duties of a track captain in encouraging new men and in keeping up his own work, and declared that the Crimson leader would give his team an example which if followed could lead only to success.

Burke Urges Cooperation

"The squad this year must pull together", Captain Burke said. "We want every man to be as much interested in the other events as he is in his own work. Among the men in the same event, we want cooperation, not opposition. In heating Yale, last year's team upset all predictions, and showed what determination could accomplish. What we need to develop is a spirit which will carry us to a victory over Yale on June 16".

Coach Farrell, who spoke next was introduced by Mr. Barron as a man who had developed into point winners such men as J. F. Brown '22 and J. R. Tolbert '22, not only by careful coaching but also by optimistic encouragement. Mr. Farrell emphasized the need of more men in the weight events and said that football men should come out not only to increase the track material, but also to improve their football playing next fall.

Bingham Tells of International Meet

The third speaker was Mr. W. J. Bingham '16, former coach of the University team. He told about his trip to England this winter and related several of his interesting experiences while arranging for the meet between Harvard-Yale and Cambridge-Oxford teams, to be held this summer in England. Among other things, he said that it had been decided to add the pole vault to the list of events, and to substitute a three-mile run in place of the two-mile, which was previously planned.

The international meet was the best meet which was ever held in the Stadium, and we learned from it what a fine spirit may exist between two rival teams. With the Yale and Cambridge-Oxford meets to which to look forward, an incentive is given which should bring out the best in every man.

Coach Martin was the third speaker. In his talk, he emphasized the need of more men and the duty of every man on the squad to keep up his scholastic work.

"The spirit which Mr. Bingham inspires in the team has pushed it along through the whole winter season," he declared, "but we need much more material this spring."

After Mr. Martin's talk refreshments were served, and several reels of motion pictures were shown.