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"Puerile Mouthings"


(The Crimson invites all men in the University to submit signed communications of timely interest. It assumes no responsibility, however, for sentiments expressed under this head and reserves the right to exclude any whose publication would be palpably inappropriate.)

To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

I have waited long before writing this communication to see if anyone would reply to the "unhousebroken" letter of Mr. Wheelwright in regard to the "Eight More Harvard Poets". I was glad to see that it was ignored--but I feel that there are some aspects of the subject that call for further discussion.

Mr. Dorian Abbott--I suspect from the style and tone of his Preface that he is no more than a publisher's blurb--has said officially that the volume did not attempt to be representative. But Mr. Wheelwright declares that seven years of Harvard's poetic output was carefully examined in compiling the volume, in order to assure a just representation of the best work. On the contrary, I believe I represent Harvard opinion when I say that not only do the puerile mouthings of the "Eight More" fail to typify the University; but that poems which do far more justice to our literary standards have been left out as well.

I realize, of course, that it is difficult for the Harvard Poetry Society, which published the volume, to be universal in its scope. Indeed, to judge from some remarks of Mr. Wheelwright, it does not attempt to be! But if that is the case, has it any right to spread broadcast as "Harvard" writing the works of one group alone? (For it is self-evident that no one not a member of the Poetry Society has been included in the volume, whether he merits it or not). I think it should be made clear that this is an unique, rather than a general, collection. Otherwise "Yale Literature" will have scored an unanswerable point! S. H. ENDNARY ooC.

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