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After winning a goal late in the second period, the Yale hockey team forced the University to abandon its defense in favor of a bold attempt at a comeback, and so managed to score two more tallies for a 3-0 victory at the Arena on Saturday night. The triumph of the Blue team ties the series and necessitates a third "play-off" game which will be held at the New Haven Arena on Wednesday night.

The contest was characterized by clean, consistent playing, but there was little of the spectacular aggressiveness seen in the recent contests with Dartmouth and Princeton. Until the initial tally neither team seemed to be able to build up a substantial offensive, with the result that it settled down to a passing game, occasionally interrupted by long ineffective shooting. The first goal came after 11 minutes and 55 seconds of manoeuvering in the second session when Reid followed up a rebound. Captain Bulkeley had carried the puck down through the Crimson defense for a hard shot at the cage, but it bounced back from Bigelow's protectors and Reid was on the spot to snap it into the net. The other two tallies came in quick succession in the last four minutes of play. The University had put all her men into a last attack in the hope of tying the score, so when Bulkeley got the puck deep in the Yale territory he carried it down the left lane and there was no defense to meet him. Owen followed closely but he was not able to catch up in time to stop an angle shot. Half a minute later Bulkeley again got the puck, this time in the middle of the rink, and carried it across the unprotected Crimson territory with Owen and Hill behind him. It looked like a sure score but Bigelow rushed out to meet him and very neatly stopped the shot. Turnbull was on hand, however, and made an easy shot at the unprotected cage for the final tally.

Although the University players made the majority of the shots, the visitors offered a slightly more formidable combination, for they were able to take advantage of little opportunities, and the Crimson skaters were not. Several times it looked as if they would score but always a shot was too wide or a pass too slow. The Yale sextet showed itself superior also in following up its shots. Two of the Blue tallies were made by taking advantage of rebounds while the Crimson was never able to get in a second attempt.

Crosby was the only star for the University and several times came within an ace of scoring on individual sports down the ice. Twice in the opening period he forced Jenkins to come out from his cage to meet him and prevent an almost certain goal. The team, as a whole, showed signs of the gruelling contests with Dartmouth and Princeton, for there was not the same speed and endurance which characterized the two preceding games.

O'Hearn was the most spectacular performer on the visiting sextet with superb defense work and frequent individual dashes to the Crimson's end of the rink. Bulkeley and Reid, on the forward line did, most of the shooting, but for nearly two periods the Crimson defense was able to restrict them to fruitless attempt from center-ice.

The first half of the opening period consisted of a frequent exchange of shots, but as the goal guards had plenty of time to judge them there was seldom any real chance for scoring. Later in the session, however, the Crimson was able to keep the puck well down in Yale territory, due chiefly to the alertness of Crosby. Yale answered with a short counter attack as the period closed, and continued it after the intermission. The Crimson defense soon stiffened up and the puck was taken to the other end of the rink where Jenkins was called upon to make a number of difficult stops. It was at this point that the University missed several chances to score by not following up shots.

After the first tally the play quickened up considerably, but the Crimson was not able to bring continued pressure to bear on the Yale secondary line until the middle of the third period when the whole defense was moved up. The shift gave the University unquestionable superiority on Yale ice but it also made the last two goals possible.

Subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee, the squad of 13 men will leave at 1 o'clock on Wednesday to play the deciding contest. The squad will be given a complete rest today and tomorrow.

The summary:

HARVARD  YALEWalker, Owen, l.w.  r.w., Chisolm, Turnbull, ReidBeals, Guild, c.  c., Reed, ScottLarocque, Hill, r.w.  l.w., Bulkeley, FarnsworthOwen, Hammond, r.d.  l.d., O'HearnCrosby, l.d.  r.d., VaughanBigelow, g.  g., Jenkin

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