Lectures Primarily for Men Preparing for Divisional Examinations--Open to All University and Radcliffe Students

Professor J. L. Lowes G. '03, professor of English in the University since 1918, will deliver a lecture on "Milton" at 4.30 o'clock this afternoon in Emerson D. This will be the fourth and final lecture in the series entitled "Four Great Poets", which is being given by University professors primarily to aid those students who are preparing for the examination on ancient and modern authors.

Professor Lowes graduated from Washington and Jefferson College in 1888, and received his master's degree from that institution in 1891. In 1903 he was awarded the Master of Arts degree by Harvard, followed in two years by that of Doctor of Philosophy. Professor Lowes has edited several of Shakespeare's works, and in 1919 published "Convention and Revolt in Poetry". He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of the executive council of the Modern Language Association of America.

In the first lecture of the series, which has proved very popular, drawing many undergraduates and graduate students each week, Professor G. H. Palmer '64 spoke on the "Life and Works of Homer". Professor G. K. Rand '94, in the second talk of the series discussed "Virgil", speaking specifically on the Eclogues", the "Georgies", and the "Acneid". Last Wednesday Professor C. H. Grandgent '83 spoke on "Dante".

Professor Lowes lecture will be open to all members of the University and Radcliffe College.