Money Is to Help Research Work for Forest Production--Similar Gift Made to Yale University

To enable the University to expand the scientific research work in forestry problems now being carried on at the University Forest at Petersham, Mass., an anonymous donor has made an offer, which has been accepted, of $100,000 for an endowment fund for the Forest.

The anonymous donor, according to the announcement, is making a simultaneous gift of an equal sum to Yale University for a similar purpose.

The income of the fund offered to Harvard, it is stipulated, is to be used for research and experimental work in forest production, "to determine the basic facts essential to the successful practice of silviculture in the northeastern section of the United States, especially in New England."

The University Forest, consisting of three tracts of land in Petersham totaling over 2000 acres, has been maintained for 14 years under the direction of Professor R. T. Fisher '98, to serve as a model forest to demonstrate the practice of forestry, as a field laboratory for students, and also as an experiment station for research. The Forest has in operation practicable methods of reproducing and improving forests; it has large plantations under test for varying situations; and it is investigating forestry problems of all sorts. It is expected that the new gift will make it possible to develop this scientific work to a much greater extent than has hitherto been possible, and will thus aid in securing the technical knowledge needed to handle forest crops effectively in the face of an impending national timber shortage.


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