I you are at a loose end and haven't quite made up your mind as to what you intend doing during the coming April recess, it would be a good plan to see Mr. MacIntyre at Community Book Shop.

The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company operates the largest steamer, the "Araguya", plying between New York and Bermuda. The ship is a palatial liner of seventeen thousand five hundred tons displacement and the luxurious appointments of the ship are a byword with travellers.

Community Book Shop, as agents for The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, have an attractive proposition to offer those who would like to shake the dust of this arid country from their shoes for a short while and dwell under the British flag in pursuit of the well-known happiness.

For a special low price, a wonderful trip of four days at sea and one day in a land of sunshine and liberty may be had.

If you are intending going abroad the summer coming, here is an opportunity to test your sealegs and to experience at first hand the remarkably efficient and courteous service offered by The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company.


A more delightful voyage cannot be imagined than that from New York to Bermuda on the "Araguya". The spacious social halls, cozy lounges and smoking rooms, and tasteful veranda cafes represent the acme of comfort and luxury. An excellent orchestra furnishes entertainment. With this perfection of service, a voyage to Bermuda on the "Araguya" means glorious hours at sea will full measure of rest and recreation.

No passports are required.

This opportunity is exceptionally well worth investigating. Mr. MacIntyre will be glad to confer at any time with those interested.

Community Book Shop will save you much time and trouble in booking transatlantic passages, too.