Dr. Esper Signus Larsen Will Take Up Duties as Professor of Petrography Next September

Dr. Esper Signus Larsen Jr., who has been with the United States Geological Survey since 1915, was appointed professor of petrography at the University at a recent meeting of the President and Fellows of the College. He will take office in September. Professor Frederick Jackson Turner was appointed a professor emeritus of history, his appointment to take effect in September, 1924. Professor Turner has been a professor of history at the University since 1910. Dr. Henry Maurice Sheffer '06, lecturer on Philosophy, was re-appointed for three years.

Dr. Judson Arthur Smith, '15, Fellow in Obstetrics, has been appointed for the remainder of the academic year from April 15, 1923; Dr. George Ashley Campbell for the remainder of the academic year from May 1, 1923. Other appointments are: for two years from September 1, 1923:--Dr. Arthur Eli Monroe '08, a member of the committee on Divisional Examinations in History, Government, and Economics; and Mr. Paul Rice Doolin 2G., tutor in history and literature.

Instructors appointed for one year from September 1, 1923, are: Mr. Thomas Henry Clark 5G., Dr. Robert Henry Pfeiffer gr.T.S., Mr. Norman Dunshee Scott, Mr. Maxwell Naylor Short 4G., Mr. William Thomson, and Mr. Lewis Edes Ward '19.

The men who will hold Austin Teaching Fellowships for the year 1923-24 are: Mr. Giles Mallalieu Bollinger, Mr. Elbert Charles Cole 1G., Mr. Kendall Wilson Foster, Mr. Aubrey Edwin Hopkins 1G., Mr. Alfred George Jacques, Mr. Francis Bartlett Manning: 5G., Mr. Curtis Elliot Norton 1G., Mr. Orlando Elliott Romig 1G., Mr. Roger Greenleaf Stevens 2G.

Assistants for next year are: Mr. Howard Gordon Bennett '17, Mr. Marland Pratt Billings '23, Mr. Lucius Williams Elder Jr. 3G., Mr. Duncan Pomeroy Ferguson, Mr. Stanley Warren Glass 1G., Mr. Philip Albert Leighton, Mr. Lazarus Rubin 1G.


Members of the Committee on Economic Research for next year are: Mr. Charles Francis Adams, Law '15, Mr. Robert Amory '06, Dr. Charles Jesse Bullock, Mr. Frederic Haines Curtiss, Mr. Wallace Brett Donham '98, Mr. Ogden Livingston Mills '05, and Mr. Eugene Van Rensselaer Thayer '04.

In the School of Architecture there were three appointments for next year: Mr. Kenneth John Conant '15, instructor in architecture, Mr. Charles Augustus Whittemore, lecturer on the mechanical plant of buildings, and Mr. John Wilson '00, instructor in modelling.

In the School of Landscape Architecture, Mr. Robert Nathan Cram '17, instructor, and Mr. Bradford Durrell Williams 2S.L.A., assistant, have been appointed for the year 1923-24.

There were four appointments in the School of Public Health for the coming academic year: Mr. Bernard William Carey, associate in Public Health Administration; Mr. Merrill Edwin Champion '02, instructor in Child Hygiene; Mr. Charles Value Chapin, lecturer on Public Health Administration.

The following resignations were received and accepted:--to take effect September 1, 1923:--Mr. George Aloysius Cummings 3G., instructor in French; to take effect September 1, 1924:--Dr. Frederick Jackson Turner, professor of history.