F. B. Swarts and G. E. Pretzfeld Appointed Freshman Managers

The Phillips Exeter tennis team will be the opponents of the Freshmen racquet wielders at 3.30 o'clock this afternoon on the Academy courts. The Freshman team will line up: W. T. Smith, one; G. H. Perkins, two; G. D. Debevoise three; A. L. Welsman, four; Bernard Bandler, five; and G. M. Laimbeer, six A. R. Allen will pair with Perkins in one of the doubles matches with Smith and Debevoise, and Welsman and Laimbeer forming the other doubles combinations.

The Exonians will play in the following order: Verrill, one; Merrick, two; Holt, three; Parker, four; Sewall, five; and Johnson, six. Their doubles teams are Verrill and Holt, Parker and Johnson, and Jackel and Harriman.

Last night it was announced that Frederick Benjamin Swarts of St. Louis, Mo., was appointed manager of the Freshman tennis team after a seven weeks competition and that George Eugene Pretzfeld of White Plains, N. Y., was appointed assistant manager.