Squad, Although Probably to Be Out-pointed by Several Other Colleges, Should Make Good Showing

At a meeting of the track advisory committee held last night in the Harvard Club of Boston, and attended by the University coaches and managers, the 31 athletes who will represent the Crimson in the intercollegiate meet in Philadelphia Friday and Saturday were selected. With the exception of Manager Chandler, who leaves tonight, and the five two-milers, who will not leave until Friday, the squad will leave tomorrow at 1 o'clock. In Philadelphia the team will make its headquarters at the Hotel Adelphia.

Among the members of the University squad there are several men who should win points in the powerful field which will compete in the fifteen events of the meet, and, although there are several colleges which will undoubtedly outpoint the Crimson, the University team has a chance to make a very fair showing.

The men who will, with Coaches Martin, Farrell, and Mikkola, and Managers Chandler and Bickford, make up the Crimson representation, will compete as follows:

Dashes.--Vinton Chapin and Howard.

Quarter-Mile Run.--Gordon and Merrill.


Half-Mile and Mile Runs.--Captain Burke, Cutcheon, and Jones.

Two Mile Run.--W. L. Chapin Jr., Coburn, Sherburne, Lund, and Lutz.

Hurdles.--Fletcher, Hauers, Thayer, and Thomas.

High Jump.--Gerould, Greeley, and Morse.

Pole Vault.--Davis and D. D. Reidy.

Discus Throw.--Carpenter, Hallowell, and Miller.

Javelin Throw.--Greenidge, Kernan, and Leck.

Shotput.--Dunker and Eastman.

Hammer Throw.--Cogan and Marshall.