Applications for Boxes and Tables Due June 1--Band and Orchestra Will Furnish Music for Dance Program

The Senior Spread Committee has announced that all box or table group applications for the Spread, which will be held on June 18, must be handed in at Grays 23 not later than June 1. The lists must be typewritten and must include the names of all guests both men and women. The only other regulation of importance in regard to the forming of these groups is that the number in each box may not exceed 16 persons. Groups larger than 16 should apply for adjoining boxes and divide into two groups.

Boxes and tables, which will be furnished and decorated by the Committee, will be placed in the Delta near Memorial Hall. The small boxes, near the apex of the Delta, will hold six or eight persons, while the larger ones near the Hall will hold 12 to 16. The tables will seat from one to three couples and will be placed in the middle of the Delta. Six tables and the two boxes nearest the Hall have been reserved for patronesses.

The music will be supplied by two orchestras, Bert Lowe's inside the Hall and Ives' Band outside in the Delta, where canvass will be spread for dancing.

The following is a list of dances and the order in which they will be played:

1. Rose of the Rio Grande.


2. Apple Sauce.

3. Bambalina.

4. Dearest.

5. Pack Up Your Sins.

5. Morning Will Come.

7. Love and the Moon.

8. Kiss in the Dark (Waltz).

9. Runnin' Wild.

10. Sweetheart Lane.

11. You've Got to See My Mamma Every Night.