The Harvard Crimson Fiftieth Anniversary Book, which has been modeled after a history previously published in 1906, will be placed on sale at the Crimson Building this morning for $5.00 a volume. Several other attempts to compile a history of this kind have been made in the past, but except for the 1906 edition, the plan has been given up as impractical. The 1906 publication has been followed very closely in this history, with the hope of establishing a series which may be supplemented every ten years, or re-edited every 25.

The first two chapters by Charlton MacVeagh '24, take up the history of the paper from its conception as the Magenta in 1873 through its early development to 1906, with the intent of showing the general tendencies and accomplishments of this period, rather than of repeating the detailed account that was published in 1906. The remainder of the book covers the more recent history of the Crimson, which has been divided into four-year periods and written by men who were in close touch with the activities of the paper during this time.

A. D. Welton Jr. '22 has compiled the last chapter, which shows not only the expansion of the paper since the war, but also gives a comprehensive picture of what the Crimson is today.

The material for the book has been collected from bound volumes of the Crimson, minutes of Board meetings, questionnaires, and the personal recollection of graduates. Additional information about editors who have died or failed to return questionnaires, has been gleaned through the class reports, class secretaries, and the volume of Harvard War Records, which was used chiefly to outline the Service records that are included in the directory at the back of the Anniversary Book.

The committee which has been placed in charge of the publication is composed of Lawrence Rose '23, chairman, R. A. Cushman '23, and Robert Worthington 23.

The book, which contains about 250 pages and is bound in cloth, will be sold through the mail as well as at the Crimson Building. Rose has been placed in charge of distribution, and he will be assisted by the business department of the Crimson.