Several Shifts in Outfield Complete Changes in University Team--K. N. Hill Moved to Right Field

HARVARD  BROWN Buell, 3b.  c.f., Trumbower Thayer, c.f.  r.f., Higgins Gordon, l.f.  c., Kneeland Owen, 1b.  1b., Hoffman K. N. Hill, r.f.  s.s., Murphy Hammond, 2b.  l.f., Wilson Jenkins, s.s.  3b., Cole Keegan, c.  2b., Ruckstull Hermann, p.  p., Leddy, Dugan

The Brown baseball team faces the University nine this afternoon at 3 o'clock on Soldiers Field in an effort to avenge itself for its defeat at the hands of the Crimson players last Wednesday. The visitors' team will line up practically the same as that which played on the home field at Providence, with the exception that Cole will replace Mitchell at third and Wilson who batted for Dugan in the ninth last Wednesday will take the latter's place in left field. The invaders have not definitely decided who will start on the mound but it will be either Dugan or Leddy who was slated to relieve Neubauer in the last game had it been necessary. The fact that Dugan has been freed from his position in the field would seem to show that he will probably take over the pitching duties for at least part of the contest.

Jenkins Back at Short

The University line-up has undergone some slight changes, especially in the outfield with Thayer at center and K. N. Hill at right. Clark's finger is not yet completely healed but he may be put in toward the end of the game. Jenkins' leg is in good shape again and he will therefore start in his old position at short stop. Herrmann and Keegan will form the opening battery.

Te two teams will meet with the odds somewhat in favor of the University, but too much reliance cannot be placed on one victory which was in itself only the result of two well timed home runs.