Crimson Linksmen Trail Elis and Tigers Placing Third in Intercollegiates--Win All Other Matches, However

With the closing of the golf season on Memorial Day the University linksmen were defeated but twice in the seven matches in which they participated. Each of these defeats were of an exceedingly close nature, five matches to four, but, on the other hand, very costly to the Crimson golfers, causing them to trail in the "big three" battle for the Intercollegiate golf league supremacy.

The first match of the season, which was also a league match, took place on May 4 at Greenwich, Conn., a sextet of Princeton golfers being the University opponents. The Orange and Black after winning three of the twosome matches, each by one stroke, clinched the victory by winning two foursomes and took the match, 5 to 4. The same sextet of University golfers which played throughout the season took place in this match. In this match as well as in all the following, C. L. Peirson '25 and Clark Hodder '25 each played excellent golf for the University while contesting throughout the season for first place honors. The other members of the team were J. J. Mapes '25, Captain D. A. Williams '23, R. M. Clough '24 and W. G. Soule '25.

The next two matches took place on the following day at Garden City, N. Y., when Pennsylvania was the Crimson's opponent in the morning and Columbia in the afternoon. In both these matches only four man teams were used, the Crimson players being Peirson, Hodder, Clough and Williams. Both teams failed to show the opposition encountered while playing the Princetonians and in both contests the University was victorious, winning from the Red and Blue 4 to 2 and from the Blue and White 6 to 0.

Weather Causes Postponement

Due to the fact that the match with Brown scheduled for May 12 and that with Boston University scheduled for May 14 were postponed indefinitely due to inclement weather and poor playing conditions the next match did not take place until two weeks later. On May 18 the Dartmouth golf team, consisting of some very strong players who had previously defeated Amherst, Columbia and Williams, invaded the Belmont Spring Country Club's links. Although extending stiff opposition the Green team was repulsed and sent back to Hanover with a 6 to 3 defeat. In this match Hodder led the University players, having played slightly better golf just previous to the match than Peirson, who had been turning in the best scores up to that time.


On the next day the University met the Williams golfers, also at Belmont. The Purple team was rather weaker than usual. The Crimson sextet met no opposition from Ward, who played number one on the visiting team and who succeeded in defeating Hodder playing one on the University team 3 and 2. Ward played a phenomenal game completing the 18 hole circuit with a minimum of 72 strokes to his credit, equalling par for the course. The score was also responsible for the winning of a foursomes match, the University taking the other two and winning by the score of 7 to 2.

Crimson Downs Technology

In the final match in preparation for the Yale contest on May 23, the Crimson golf team tested skill with Technology. The Engineers had been successful in all their matches to date and they received their first set-back on the Belmont course, capturing but two of the six matches, losing by the score of 4 to 2. Again Hodder played number one on the University team, with Williams two, Mapes three, and Peirson four. The low scorer of the match, however, was Mapes, who led the field with a 77. Peirson was next with a card of 79 while the best Technology score was an 80.

After a week of hard practice the team left on Memorial Day for the Rhode Island Country Club at Nayatt, R. I., to oppose Yale, mainly to decide second place honors in the final Intercollegiate league standing, as the Blue team had also lost to Princeton and won the remainder of its matches. It was previously decided that the same sextet of University players who started off the season should participate in the match. The order of playing however was left uncertain, the ranking to be determined by the showing made in the morning foursomes matches. The Crimson players did very well in the morning play, capturing two of the three foursomes. Peirson turned in the best score in the morning, missing par by two strokes, and so was number one in the afternoon flight. Clough, who had been playing regularly at number five throughout the season sprung a surprise and turned in the next best score with Mapes third. In the afternoon the Crimson linksmen failed to play in usual form, only two University golfers making the course in less than 80, and lost four of the six individual matches, and the contest by a one match margin.

From June 27 to June 30 the Intercollegiate individual championships will be decided at Siwanoy Country Club, New York City. Most of the University team will enter the tourney in addition to R. T. Jones '24, semi-finalist in the national amateur championship last fall.