Although the Freshman baseball team ended its season disastrously with a 17 to 9 defeat at the hands of Yale last Saturday, the nine pulled through a difficult schedule with a record of 12 victories out of 16 games, its average for the season being 750. Piling up 146 runs to its opponents 82, the Crimson showed an ability to hit at critical points--an ability which several times was responsible for spectacular ninth inning victories.

The season started on February. 20, when Coach Davidson called out the battery candidates. Two weeks later, the infielders and outfielders reported for their first work-out in the cage. By the time the first outdoor practice was held on April 5, the squad was cut down to 28 men.

The initial game on April 11 with Huntington as a 1926 victory, the final score being 10 to 1. The line-up, which remained practically unchanged throughout the season, was: McGlone s.s., Knowlton 2b., Slayton 3b., Todd c.f., Field 1b., Burton l.f, Allen, Pratt r.f., Maher c., Casto, Moseley p. McGlone scored the first run of the season in the third on a long three-bagger by Slayton.

The next Saturday at Concord a seventh inning rally that netted six runs and a tenth inning rally that netted five, gave the Crimson a spectacular 11 to 6 victory over Middlesex. After the game, Maher was elected captain by the men who had participated in the two games already played.

The next week, 18 men were chosen to go on the spring trip through Connecticut. On Wednesday, April 18, Loomis was an easy victim, Puffer holding his opponents to seven hits, and on the two successive days Hotchkiss and Taft were overcome. On Saturday, however, the Freshmen met their first real opposition, finally succumbing to Choate by the narrow margin of 3 to 2. It was a well-played game, Captain Gimlich, the opposing moundsman, being the deciding factor in a thrilling seesaw contest.


Back once more on its own field, the Crimson nine smashed out 19 hits for a 19 to 7 victory over Cushing Academy. The second reverse of the season, it suffered at the hands of Williston, the final score being 6 to 3. Recovering from its momentary slump, however, the nine overwhelmed the High School of Commerce and Worcester. The Dean and Exeter contests were postponed on account of rain. On May 16, the Crimson pulled from behind, registering a 4 to 3 victory over the Holy Cross Freshmen in an exciting 14 inning game, the final run being scored by Allen on McGlone's single.

A second inning rally that brought in five runs gave the Princeton Freshmen an early lead which the Crimson was never able to threaten. Although the Tigers were outfielded, weakness at the bat handicapped the University, which finally succumbed by the score of 7 to 3.

The Dartmouth Freshmen, Andover, and Westbrook all fell by narrow margins.

On June 2, the Freshmen faced Yale with an even chance to win. The Blue took an early lead, however, which it steadily maintained throughout the contest. As if the 6 to 2 margin was not enough to satisfy the visitors, in the first of the sixth, they slugged the ball to all corners of the diamond and crossed the plate for nine runs before the inning dragged to a close